About Us

Over the last 80 years there has been a dramatic decline in Church engagement. Today less than 4% of today’s “Bridger” generation, those born after 1985 - are seeking an active relationship with the God of the Bible.1 Furthermore, 70% of today’s young twenty-somethings- once churched, are now spiritually disengaged after leaving home.2
This decline has created a huge spiritual void in today’s youth, evidenced by boredom, detachment, self hatred and rebellion.
What is filling this void? This same generation and their families are filling their spiritual vacuum with a fascination for the dark powers of the supernatural.
Today’s Tweens spend more money than teenagers - but through their parents. And the world of retail and media are targeting tweens and cashing in, fueling multi-billion dollar blockbusters filled with aliens, witchcraft and vampires. Never before has there been a greater need to reach a lost generation...

is the pilot for a film series...
Targeting- 8-14 year olds- the largest people group on the planet, in their most formative years...
Modeling- an authentic and exciting relationship with Jesus and the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit ...
Equipping- children to overcome the darkness with light , and...
Provoking- the Church to cry out ...


The Joshua Clay series is designed to show audiences everywhere the scriptural side of the supernatural - rarely portrayed in films or television. Our mandate is to reveal the invisible realm from the scriptures with a spirit of technical excellence and a high entertainment value.

Showing ordinary people doing extraordinary exploits, JOSHUA CLAY will open up conversation about God - His love, power, and desire for us to encounter a life of supernatural adventure, mystery and intimacy.

After establishing the world and characters of Joshua Clay, each season will be a thrill ride through hard hitting, real-world topics and justice issues and how God’s love and power can transform and equip a generation to live a life expecting “signs and wonders.”

The first episode is an origin story of the Clay family and how through a series of strange events they begin a journey of faith, and eventually forgiveness, that will change their lives forever.

Production Company- SendRain Films
SendRain Films is a film production company specializing in the development, production, distribution and marketing of motion picture, television and new media content.

SendRain Films is dedicated to producing high-quality, dramatic and documentary films and new media for all audiences. Our goal is to inspire viewers to seek out an authentic, uncompromising relationship with Jesus, through Holy Spirit anointed stories, resulting in spiritual and social transformation.

Our Vision
This media vision has inspired Michael & Shari Lienau with their nine children, to devote the resources of their family-owned and operated production company, to pursue the media and arts mission field with a community of like-minded professionals. With over 30 years experience in the film and video industry, the Lienaus have a passion to inspire a new generation of filmmakers who are empowered to make a difference in their world.